Extended Parts Warranty

Naim Audio offers its UK and Eire customers an optional 3-year extended warranty (5 years including standard warranty) on Naim Audio products, excluding Mu-so products. This Extended Warranty is offered exclusively to the original purchaser of a Naim Audio product (excluding mu-so products).

The warranty is validated only when, within thirty (30) days of the original purchase of the product, a valid completed Product Registration Card has been returned to Naim Audio or you complete the Product Registration Form on our website. We will then enrol you (the original purchaser) for our extended 3-year warranty.

This Extended Warranty covers parts only (excluding CD/DVD, hard drives, laser transports and components). You must pay all labour costs. The Naim Audio Extended Parts Warranty is subject to our terms & conditions for the two-year warranty. Click here to read these in full.

In our overseas markets Naim Audio products are accompanied by the local distributor’s warranty card. If your product was supplied without a warranty card, please contact your local Naim Audio Distributor. Please note that without a warranty card, the local distributor will not be able to offer any warranty.