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Digital iPod and iPhone control for NaimUniti

This week sees Naim Audio talking about its update of the NaimUniti all-in-one audio player to offer playback of digitally stored files from iPod, gapless playback of WAV and FLAC files and full remote control via iPhone / iPod Touch.

Following on from the update to 24bit/96kHz earlier this year, this latest set of NaimUniti updates to the gives the listener even more and brings its feature set into line with the UnitiQute.

Enabled for iPhone control app
NaimUniti can now be fully and remotely controlled via the n-Stream iPhone app, the same app that can be used to control UnitiQute. The app is available at the iTunes app store.

Gapless playback of WAV and FLAC files
Gapless playback is now added to NaimUniti. It will stream / play WAV and FLAC files from any suitable UPnP™ device or USB-connected storage device.

Digital iPod connection
Also like UnitiQute, NaimUniti has been given Apple authentication enabling front-panel USB connection and access to iPod-stored digital media files, bypassing the iPod internal DAC and enabling a digital output for optimised performance. iPod devices can now be connected to NaimUniti via its front-panel USB port using a standard Apple USB connector cable.

Existing NaimUniti owners who are interested in updating their units with these new features should contact their Naim Audio retailer.

The updated NaimUniti will be at this weekend’s Manchester Sound & Vision show, where we will be demonstrating a full UnitiSystem set up.

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