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It's time for the Summer Sounds Road Show

Summer Sounds 2009  Get closer to the pure sound of Summer

We would like to invite you to join us this summer at one of our exclusive roadshow events where we will be introducing exciting new products and previewing more. The events promise to be informative and great fun with plenty of stunning sounds to hear. Not only will you be able to hear what we have been working on – and enjoy a sneak preview of one product that we are still developing – but you will also be able to talk to key members of the Naim Audio team and maybe glean some insider information. Do come along this summer. We are very much looking forward to seeing you and sharing some fabulous music with you.  Roadshow dates and participating retailers  Ovator S-600  The Summer Sounds roadshow will be where we introduce you to the new and truly incredible  Naim Audio Ovator S-600 loudspeaker  We have been developing this over the past three years and, although it looks quite conventional from the outside, its design and construction are both complex and unique. The S-600 skillfully combines well established Naim Audio loudspeaker manufacturing techniques with genuine cutting-edge technology, including an advanced Balanced Mode Radiator drive unit that reproduces frequencies from 380Hz to well above the audible range. A pair of specially developed rigid paper cone bass drivers – each housed in its own discrete internal enclosure – takes care of frequencies below the range of the BMR. They deliver bass that is clean, fast, taut and tuneful, as you would expect.  Of course, no single element is wholly responsible for the stellar performance the Ovator can deliver, not even the breakthrough levels of musical coherence, timing and clarity the BMR provides. Rather it is the combination of every facet of the design from the pressure die-cast aluminium plinth, the elegantly curved panel cabinet, the unique drive units... right down to the construction of the loudspeaker terminals. All come together to deliver a musical performance so realistic that words can barely do it justice. You will have to be there to appreciate how magical it is.  DAC We gave Bristol Show visitors a brief glimpse and demonstration of our forthcoming stand-alone DAC in February this year. Since then the development has continued and the design is drawing ever closer to being production-ready. We will have the latest iteration of the DAC with us on the Summer Sounds roadshow and we will be delighted to let you hear it in operation. You can hear how the DAC transforms computer sound as well as how it performs with other digital sources.

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