Naim for Bentley

Naim for Bentley system clocked at 204MPH

That's the top speed of the new Continental Supersports, the "extreme" Bentley, which can be ordered with an equally extreme audio rig - the 1100W Naim for Bentley system. Naim for Bentley audio in the fastest Bentley ever. Bentley has announced its most powerful, road-legal model ever, the 621BHP, flex-fuel-capable (petrol/E85), W12 engined, Continental Supersports. This can be equipped, appropriately, with the most powerful line-fit car stereo ever, the Naim for Bentley audio system! “The Supersports will have far more luxuries than its thoroughbred racing rivals. It has an optional Naim for Bentley audio system with 15 (count 'em) custom speakers, MP3 playback via USB...” said cnet UK. And please note that all those speakers are devoted to the driver and front-seat passenger because the coupe has no rear seats.  Described as an 'extreme Bentley delivering a highly focused driving experience', it is rewarding that the Naim For Bentley audio system is equally extreme and will ensure that the in-car listening experience is just as intense.

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