Passionate about sound, Focal & Naim Audio unite

Naim Audio and Focal band members from left to right; Roy George, Gérard Chrétien, Christophe Sicaud, Paul Stephenson, Neil Carden, Jacques Mahul and Theirry Guggenheim.

United by their passion for perfect sound, leading high-end audio brands Focal and Naim Audio, today announce they are merging to create a new European leader in the audio industry. Focal & Co will own and manage Focal and Naim Audio as independent brands, retaining their unique philosophies and product ranges.

Focal & Co, owned by Jacques Mahul (Founder and Chairman), CM-CIC (long-term shareholder in Focal) and the management teams of Focal and Naim Audio, will employ 325 people at its facilities in Saint-Etienne, France and Salisbury, UK and have a combined turnover in excess of £48 million.

The Research & Development teams of Focal and Naim Audio are central to the success of both brands. By bringing together these hugely talented individuals, Focal & Co will create an industry leading R&D capability to propel the Naim Audio and Focal brands to the next level of innovative, high quality sound classics in the dynamic new world of hi-fi technology.

Jacques Mahul, Founder and Chairman Focal & Co commented: “For future success the key point is that there is no future for a speaker or electronic company alone. Partnership and collaboration are the way forward both in terms of investment and R&D. Working together means you can go more quickly and successfully whilst remaining true to the respective brands.”

Paul Stephenson, MD, Naim Audio Ltd and now member of the Board of Focal & Co added: “It is a merger of European minds. In Focal, we have found a partner which shares our passion for music and will help us take Naim Audio to the next level. We can achieve far more together than would have been possible alone, yet at the same time we are able to retain everything that is unique about Naim Audio and everything that our customers love us for. We have some incredible developments in the pipeline and this alliance will help us get those to market as quickly as possible.”

Other key shareholders also commented:
Christophe Sicaud, President Focal & Co: “I see Focal & Co as the perfect home for Focal and Naim Audio. We are both proud European businesses with a strong history and this merger will allow both brands to march forward with the confidence and resources needed for the future.”

Gerard Chretien, MD Focal-JMlab and member of the Board of Focal & Co: “More and more people are listening to music and are appreciating high quality sound. That is not only great news but also creates huge opportunities for our two brands. This new partnership will help both Focal and Naim Audio make the very most of these opportunities.”

Frédéric Plas, Investment Director at CM-CIC Capital Finance: “For the past 10 years, we have been delighted to support Focal’s long term strategy to develop a unique position and a high end brand in its industry. Naim Audio is the perfect fit.”

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For further information, please contact:

Alison FRASER —
Naim Audio - Marketing Manager
Tel + 44 (0)1722 426600

Sébastien DUMAS —
Focal–JMlab - Director of Communication
Tel. + 33 4 77 43 57 00

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