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New software update for Naim Audio streaming products

Software Version 3.9 for Naim Audio's streaming products is now available for customers to download from the Naim Audio website. This new software update enables some performance enhancements for the NDX, NaimUniti and UnitiQute and an alarm clock feature for the NaimUniti and UnitiQute only. The software release follows the launch of the ND5 XS and SuperUniti in the summer.

While the update brings the software of the NDX, NaimUniti and UnitiQute into line with the ND5 XS and SuperUniti, please note that the software update will not enable 24bit/192kHz streaming and ALAC (Apple Lossless) compatibility, which the ND5 XS and SuperUniti have offered since their launch. 24bit/192kHz functionality and ALAC compatibility can be added to NDX, NaimUniti and UnitiQute units already in the field, however this requires a hardware update that can only be carried out by Naim Audio qualified technicians. Please contact your Naim Audio retailer for more information on the pricing and availability of the 24bit/192kHz update.

The new 24bit/192kHz streaming board has been in production for the NDX since November 2011. Customers have been able to specify the NaimUniti and UnitiQute with either 24bit/192kHz capability (at a charge) or standard 24bit/96kHz capability since November 2011. Updates to existing units are chargeable, however NDX units shipped on or after 1st July are eligible for a free update until 29th February 2012.

To download software Version 3.9 along with some simple instructions on how to administer it to your Naim Audio streaming product follow the link below.


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