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Naim Audio's Choice Showcases Naim Audio's Favourites

Naim Audio has today announced that it will be launching a new internet radio menu option called Naim Audio's Choice across all its products offering internet radio: NDX, NaimUniti and UnitiQute. Naim Audio's Choice lists recommended stations, chosen by the team at Naim Audio. Naim Audio's Choice also launches with a new higher quality Radio Paradise stream which is exclusive to Naim Audio.

Over 17,000 internet radio stations are available from the NDX, NaimUniti and UnitiQute and as such it can sometimes be difficult to find the very best content. Naim Audio’s Choice provides easy access to a selection of the best stations available, selected by Naim Audio for their quality of sound and musical content.

Naim Audio's Choice can be added to as more of the extensive range of available stations are evaluated. Suggestions of new stations to be added to Naim Audio's Choice are welcomed on the Naim Audio forum.

NDX, NaimUniti and UnitiQute owners are not required to update their units to enable this new feature as Naim Audio's Choice will automatically appear in the internet radio menu of their units. Naim Audio's Choice will go live in the next week or so.



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