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Naim Audio delivers triple hard disk player/server update

Double storage with new 2TB hard drive

Naim Audio’s HDX and UnitiServe along with the NaimNet servers NS01, NS02 and NS03 now have double storage capacity through a new 2TB drive which offers space for approximately 2,400 uncompressed albums. The new hard drive also allows the user to save music downloads or music ripped prior to owning a Naim Audio server to a ‘Downloads’ folder on the unit easily from any operating system (Windows, iOS, Linux). This means all of your music can be stored and catalogued in one collection that is easily accessible and editable from the newly updated n-Serve app.

All units shipped from 7th May 2012 will be equipped with the new 2TB drive as standard.

Improved music editing and management with n-Serve 2.3

The n-Serve app, used to control Naim Audio’s server products, has been updated to give the user even greater control over the process of organising and cataloguing their entire music library. The use can now edit album metadata they have ripped with their Naim Audio server. Album name, artist name, genre and track name are all editable directly from the app. It is now also possible to perform an online metadata lookup directly from the app. This is particularly helpful for cases where the online album data has been updated since the disc was first ripped.

You can also find and use new album art through a web search (on Google, Bing or Yahoo) or use images from the photo library on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Software Version 1.6C

A new software version is available for all of Naim Audio’s hard disk server/players the HDX, HDX-SSD, UnitiServe, UnitiServe-SSD and NaimNet servers NS01, NS02 and NS03. Software Version 1.6C fixes some minor issues experienced by customers in the field. The software is not related to the n-Serve and 2TB hard drive updates but it is recommended that all owners of these products update to the latest version of the software. All new 2TB drive models will be running software version 1.6C as standard. All models with the previous specification will require the software update. Please note that all –SSD variants of Naim Audio hard disk player / servers shipped after 24th April will be running software version 1.6C. Any units shipped prior to this date will require an update. The update, along with simple instructions on how to administer it is available below.


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