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Internet radio added to Naim Audio servers

Software Version 1.6 is now available for download which updates Naim Audio’s hard disk player / servers with full internet radio functionality and a new automated back up to NAS (network-attached storage) feature.

Customers can control internet radio from any of the existing HDX and UnitiServe control interfaces: the n-Serve app, desktop client, web browser, TV interface and the front-panel touchscreen. The automated back-up to NAS feature simplifies the process of backing up music collections. It can be easily configured from Naim Audio's hard disk player / server desktop client user interface.

All Naim Audio retailers will be provided with update packs which they can use to administer the update to your server product or to supply you with the update pack and instructions on how to administer it yourself. Contact your Naim Audio retailer for more information.

Alternatively you can download the update directly at the link below and copy it to compact disc. Please note that the update can only be administered through the disc loader on your hard disk player / sever and not via USB, and that your product must already be running Version 1.5 software. Naim Audio recommends that you seek further advice from your retailer before installing the Version 1.6 update yourself.


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