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Meet Me In London Reborn in Hi-res

Over 14 years after the original recording was released as a Naim Label CD, Meet Me In London by world-renowned guitarist Antonio Forcione and sublime vocalist Sabine Sciubba is being reborn in the highest resolution Naim Label has ever released.

Far from being a simple remaster, this multi-track conversion, remix and remaster at 24bit/192kHz resolution took months of hard work to preserve the quality of this fascinating album at some of the UK's finest studios with legendary producer Tony Platt. The results are outstanding as Antonio Forcione says “Remixing Meet Me In London was a very rewarding experience. Listening back to it now is like observing a starry night through a very powerful telescopic lens – suddenly you see things you didn’t realise were there in the first place ... amazing!”

The remastered high-resolution version of Meet Me In London can be downloaded from the Naim Label website. One lucky downloader will win a Naim Audio ND5 XS 24bit/192kHz capable network streaming player. This slimline network player has already received a five star review from What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision, the UK’s top selling specialist hi-fi magazine.

Watch the 'Reborn at 192' documentary on the rebirth of a classic with exclusive interviews with legendary producer Tony Platt and Antonio Forcione himself at:


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