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Introducing n-Stream 3.0

n-Stream 3.0, the new and improved version of Naim Audio’s control app for the NaimUniti 2, NaimUniti, UnitiQute, SuperUniti, NDS, NDX and ND5 XS is available to download from the App Store now. This new and improved control app offers a significantly faster and smoother UPnP™ browsing experience as well as sorting UPnP™ lists alphabetically. n-Stream 3.0 also includes two key new features: playlist functionality and expanded music information delivered by Rovi.

Expanded Music Information

A new ‘Info’ button has now been added to the app which enables you to start on a journey of musical discovery. This new feature is best experienced on iPad where, once a track is playing, pressing the ‘Info’ button reveals a virtual booklet that contains all the information about the album and artist you would expect to find in a traditional CD booklet or LP sleeve such as cover art, performer, producer and credits. n-Stream then goes a step further to provide you with additional features including biographies, images, discography, album reviews and similar music suggestions. Links from the booklet open up to reveal content direct from Rovi’s vast database of music information. You can go as deep as you like. Either just touch the surface for the facts you need or get lost in a library of information about your music and expand your horizons with new suggestions from the app. This groundbreaking new feature is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch where it is available directly from the ‘Now Playing’ screen.

Playlist Functionality*

UPnP™ playlists can now be built, edited and saved directly from the n-Stream app. You can add either single tracks or whole albums to a playlist while listening and then save under a title of your choosing and edit directly from the app. Playlists can be stored on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and transferred to other iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices via iTunes. Your Naim Audio streamer will continue to play the playlist even if your Apple device is switched off.

*Please note at present playlist functionality is only available from n-Stream 3.0 when used with NaimUniti 2 and NDS. However, a software update will be made available for Naim’s other network-connected streaming products (ND5 XS, NDX, UnitiQute, NaimUniti, SuperUniti) enabling playlists from n-Stream 3.0, in due course (currently expected in August). 



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