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Our Naim Audio for Bentley in-car audio system has received a resounding review from UK magazine Hi-Fi+.

Journalist Chris Murphy put a Bentley Continental GT V8, equipped with a Naim Audio for Bentley system, through its paces for a week in his comprehensive 4-page review. He describes the in-car system as “immersive, interesting and captivating” stating that it perfectly complements the "sumptuously appointed and totally relaxing evnironment" of the Continental GT. His conclusion is: “For that week I got to enjoy music and driving in a completely different way... what a car and what a system!"

The Naim Audio for Bentley system is the result of an intensive 18 month research and development programme between our engineers and our partners at Bentley. It delivers an 'as-live' in-car audio experience which remains true to both Naim Audio and Bentley’s philosophies of no compromise in the search for quality. The remarkable sound performance is achieved thanks to the use of ground-breaking technology, including an 1100 Watt amplification system, next-generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and an advanced acoustic speaker set-up. This review is the latest in a line of positive reviews which include this Fifth Gear in-car audio test which recently aired on the Discovery Channel.

You can read the Hi-Fi + review in full from the link below. 


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