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High-End Munich, 9th May 2013: Naim Audio's Managing Director, Paul Stephenson, has announced three new product and software developments at a joint Focal & Naim Audio press conference in Munich today.

Introducing UnitiQute 2: an even Quter all-in-one hi-fi system

With its award-winning combination of performance and style, the UnitiQute opened up Naim Audio sound quality to an even wider audience of music lovers when it launched in 2010. Now we introduce the revitalised and relaunched UnitiQute 2. Its new four-layer printed circuit board has a new layout to optimise ground planes and ground paths and includes improved components at critical points to reduce noise. This has a significant effect on the digital audio performance, which reflects in improved sound quality.

UnitiQute 2 now also comes with 32bit/192kHz streaming capability as standard, a new DAB/DAB+ radio tuner module and will benefit from Multiroom and Party Mode functionality with the release of firmware version 3.21, also announced at Munich today. A USB mini-B upgrade socket replaces the RS232 socket on the back panel for future firmware upgrades.

UnitiQute 2 is shipping now, contact your local Naim Audio retailer to arrange a demonstration or follow the link below to find out more.


Get the party started with Multiroom & Party Mode
A new firmware update which will enable full multiroom and party mode functionality on Naim Audio’s music streaming products is due for release in June 2013. The new firmware will allow Naim Audio streaming products to play the same music in different rooms of the home in perfect sync.

Group volume control and track selection are available from the n-Stream app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Selecting ‘Party Mode’ from n-Stream will bring all rooms online simultaneously. For more information and a full list of compatible products, please follow the link below and select the 'Multroom & Party Mode' tab.

Firmware 3.21 will also enable Seek2Time on all Naim Audio music streaming products, allowing you to scroll through tracks during playback.


Software Version 1.7 for Hard disk player/servers
New software which will make your Naim Audio hard disk player/server an even more flexible and effective music hub is set for release in June 2013. Software Version 1.7 will enable the following key features:

Rip to FLAC: Previously customers were limited to encoding to WAV. You can also convert your existing WAV library to FLAC if you wish.

MP3-shadow encoding: You can now create lower-quality versions of your music. As with 'Rip to FLAC' you can now do this when ripping and shadow-encode your entire library. Useful for transferring music to an iPod/MP3 player or for use in the car.

Set share-scanning schedules: Your server can now automatically look for new music on the network at times predetermined by the user.

Stream internet radio over UPnP: This feature will allow other non-Naim Audio UPnP clients to play the internet radio stream from your Naim Audio server.

To update your product we recommend that you visit your Naim Audio retailer when the software is released in June. However, you will have the option to download the update yourself, along with instructions on how to apply it, from the Naim website on release.


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