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New Naim Audio App Updates Available

New updates are now available for the Naim Audio control app for streaming products (iOS & Android) and the n-Serve control app for hard disk player/servers (iOS only).

The update includes improvements and bug fixes, a full list of which can be found below. We recommend all customers update to the latest versions for their device to benefit from the changes. 

Naim Audio App iOS (4.5)

Fixed: Now playing bar would sometimes disappear

Fixed: Optimised Rovi database access

Fixed: Fix crash on close app when showing iRadio preset list.

Fixed: Crash due to playlists/presets home screen sections not existing 

Fixed: Some typos on the settings screens

Fixed: Bluetooth now playing screen sometimes fails to update connection state

Fixed: Able to add more than 500 tracks to a playlist when adding from another playlist

Naim Audio App Android (1.4)

Fixed: Offline track warning pop up not always showing

Fixed: Multiroom Room selection control is hard to select

Fixed: Multiroom Party Mode overrides client selection

Fixed: App crash when switching between devices

Fixed: Rooms menu quicker to show/remove units as they go on/off network

Fixed: Able to add more than 500 tracks to a playlist when adding from another playlist

Fixed: USB browsing would sometimes be slow

Fixed: UPnP compatibility mode browsing would sometimes be slow

Fixed: Does not fall back to rooms screen when front panel settings menu is active

Fixed: Minor UI glitches

n-Serve iOS (2.10)

Fixed: Crash when returning from background state

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