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Spotify Connect arrives for Naim Audio streamers.

Christmas has come early for owners of Naim Audio streaming products who can now enjoy Spotify Connect via a new software update.

Software Version 4.1 will enable Spotify Connect functionality on the following 24bit/192kHz capable models:

NaimUniti, UnitiQute and NDX models are only compatible if they are 24bit/192kHz capable. This hardware was brought into production on all Naim Audio streamers in 2011. To check if your player is compatible, use the remote control to press ‘Tools’ and scroll to ‘Factory Settings > System Status > BC SW’. If the version number displayed begins with ‘3D’ the product is compatible.

If it does not, your product can be upgraded to 24bit/192kHz standard via a hardware change. Please contact your Naim Audio retailer if you wish to upgrade your unit to the latest specification. Please note: this hardware upgrade will involve a charge.

To update you will need a PC or Mac and a USB to mini-b or USB to RS232 cable, depending on the age of your product. Downlod the updater for your operating system from the link below: 

Software Version 4.1 - PC Updater

Software Version 4.1 - Mac Updater

We’ve also created a simple ‘How To’ video to guide you through the update process which you can watch below:

The update will take around 15 minutes to complete. Make sure you also read the accompanying instructions and do not abort or unplug anything during the update process. If you experience any issues please contact and we will endeavour to solve your problem as soon as possible. 

Further Information

About Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect gives access to the millions of songs of the world’s most popular streaming service. With a Spotify Premium subscription users can control Spotify and play back wirelessly, direct from their Naim Audio streaming product. And, as the Naim Audio player streams directly from Spotify’s servers, the battery life of the device is preserved and is free to open other apps and make calls without interrupting the music.

Full list of changes since Version 3.23:

1. Spotify Connect added (v4.0). Streaming stability in some countries improved (v4.1).  

2. Bluetooth support added for products with relevant hardware installed. (v4.0)*

3. Better streaming stability on high bit rate stations and many thousand miles between server and device. 

4. Improved translations on various languages based on dealer/customer feedback. 

5. Improved performance on track next / previous actions for UPnP. 

6. Some foreign characters would cause multiroom room names to truncate. 

7. Extended API's added for Naim Audio app (iOS and Android) for improved Now Playing status bar and radio presets management.

8. BBC R3 320K - buffer level would not hit 100% under some situations. 

9. < and > front panel keys allow navigation of input, while input banner is showing. 

10. Misc small compliance fixes.

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