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Hi-Fi World | Uniti Atom and Uniti Core | Best Network Player 2018

The Atom is a streaming device, DAC and amplifier all housed in a 10cm x 25cm x 27cm chassis (H/W/D). It wirelessly supports UPnP devices such as NAS drives, Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay and Bluetooth aptX, as well as having built-in support for Tidal and Spotify Connect from the internet. The Class A/B amplifier is derived from the company’s Nait series of integrated amplifiers and rated at 40 Watts per channel. The fascia has a 5in LCD colour screen able to show album artworks. On top sits a volume control but there is also a remote and an app. The Core is a CD player and ripper. Listening to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’ through the Naim was a revelation - power, punch and utter detail. This amplifier sounded more powerful than its rated 40 Watts. What the Atom does best, though, is make music come alive. It is totally convincing and a real bargain.

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29 November 2018
Naim Audio

"Naim's delectable all-in-one packs in Burr Brown DAC's for high-end sound, a five-inch display and support for streaming. It also comes with a 40-watt amp."

27 November 2018
Naim Records

‘’ An innate percussive sense, a near-telepathic ability to rise cresting waves of rhythmic effusion’’ - Clash Magazine

22 November 2018
Naim Audio

The Naim Uniti Star has been awarded the AV Tech award for Best Hi-fi One-box Solution


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