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A Naim Retailer will recommend the right system for you, however you may choose to partner the StageLine with the following as a start:

Upgrade Path

Optional upgrades for the StageLine are:

  • Hi-Line

    Signal interconnect (4 pin DIN - 180 5 pin DIN variant)

  • FlatCap XS
    FlatCap XS

    Connect via supplied SNAIC-5 interconnect

  • HiCap

    Next power supply upgrade via 4 pin DIN - 180 5 pin DIN interconnect

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StageLine Phonostage

  • stageline_front_10pc.jpg
  • stageline_front_50pc.jpg
  • stageline_front_3-4.jpg

The StageLine is a separate phono stage, available in either moving coil or moving magnet versions, designed to optimise sound quality from a wide range of cartridges.

The StageLine can be powered either from a special socket on the rear of the NAIT XS or by a separate supply such as the FlatCap XS for even better performance.

Analogue Inputs RCA
Input Sensitivity K & S 100uV, E 400uV, N 2mV
Input Load Options S 470Ω, K & E 560Ω, N 47kΩ
Supply Voltage 24V
Power Supply Options NaimUniti, NAIT XS, SuperNait, 152XS, 202, 282, 252, 552, FlatCap XS, HiCap, SuperCap
Dimensions 57 x 121 x 187mm (H x W x D)
Front Bead blasted and black anodised
Case Black powder coated


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