Customise Your Mu-so

Personalise your Mu-so wireless music system by adding a new dimension of colour to complement your living space and style. Deep Blue, Vibrant Red and Burnt Orange colour grilles are available to buy here.

Why Naim?

Why Naim?

Driven by a passion for the same uncompromised listening experiences that our customers demand, we seek to go beyond an audiophile sound that is technically brilliant, and strive for the glorious emotional experience of the music.

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Uniti Atom and Uniti Core have been awarded Best Network Player by Hi-Fi World. 

"The ultimate freebie? A free Mu-so and Mu-so Qb, worth £1395. In other words, a very decent wireless multi-room speaker set-up."

‘’ An innate percussive sense, a near-telepathic ability to rise cresting waves of rhythmic effusion’’ - Clash Magazine

The second generation of Apple’s streaming tech brings fresh audio features to Naim’s Mu-so range.

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Naim’s engineers have taken care to ensure the level of dynamic subtlety, resolution and musical drive remains consistent whichever source you use. Given our experience of other Uniti products in the range, we’re not the least bit surprised that the Star turns out to be so capable. Read more:
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It’s a relatively small speaker, about the size of a HomePod, but can deliver 300 watts of beautifully lucid sound.
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