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Music formats and technologies change, but one thing stays the same: Naim can take you closer to the authentic sound and emotion of the music you love, however you choose to enjoy it.

Why Naim?

Why Naim?

Driven by a passion for the same uncompromised listening experiences that our customers demand, we seek to go beyond an audiophile sound that is technically brilliant, and strive for the glorious emotional experience of the music.

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What Hi-Fi? | NDX 2 | 5 Star Review
'For most, a stand-alone Naim NDX 2 will be all the streamer they could ever want. It is well made, carefully conceived and sounds excellent for the money. Naim also has a great track record on supporting its products, which really matters when the investment is as heavy as this. In short, buy the NDX 2 with confidence.'
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HIFICRITIC | ND 555 | Review
'I cannot recall a digital player of such build quality and performance where transparency and detail, image depth and stage width is so clearly state of the art, and one which is allied to a highly extended and natural subjective frequency response.'
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Gramophone | ND5 XS 2 | Review
"This minimalistic little component punches way above its weight, and is superbly musical - maybe removing the display plays a significant part in the quite remarkable performance on offer here"
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AppleInsider | Mu-so | 4.5 Review
"...a stunning work of art that is capable of filling a house with its powerful, crisp sound..."
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NDX 2 | Hi-Fi Critic
Clarity, image depth precision and dynamics are a prime strength, while still greater resolution and improved timing may be had with those optional extra power supplies. An Audio Excellence rating seems appropriate for the NDX 2/555 PS DR combination.
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