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Music formats and technologies change, but one thing stays the same: Naim can take you closer to the authentic sound and emotion of the music you love, however you choose to enjoy it.

Why Naim?

Why Naim?

Driven by a passion for the same uncompromised listening experiences that our customers demand, we seek to go beyond an audiophile sound that is technically brilliant, and strive for the glorious emotional experience of the music.

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In our continued quest to offer upgrades and enhancements to our existing product line-up, new options will be available imminently to the new Uniti owners among you.

TechHive | Mu-so 2nd Generation | Review
"I came away impressed by its discrete air of sonic luxury, its uncommon ease, openness, and fine detail"
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T3 | Mu-so 2nd Generation | Platinum Award | 5 Star Review
"I'd say the Mu-so 2 is a stunningly good wireless speaker that justifies its asking price in spades."
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GQ | Mu-so 2nd Generation | Review
"In short, there’s now no need to buy a separate soundbar and music system, as the Mu-so can do both and likely better than either you currently own."
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We've just launched the 2nd Generation of our multi award-winning Mu-so wireless music system...