Mu-so Special Edition

Savour music with the Mu-so Special Edition. Celebrating four years of awards and 5-star reviews.

Why Naim?

Why Naim?

Driven by a passion for the same uncompromised listening experiences that our customers demand, we seek to go beyond an audiophile sound that is technically brilliant, and strive for the glorious emotional experience of the music.

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Uniti Atom | Trusted Reviews
"The Naim Uniti Atom is exactly what hi-fi should be in this day and age...Such sound quality, such flexibility in sources and such beauty in design – this is a rare treat."
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NDX 2 | Hi-Fi Critic
Clarity, image depth precision and dynamics are a prime strength, while still greater resolution and improved timing may be had with those optional extra power supplies. An Audio Excellence rating seems appropriate for the NDX 2/555 PS DR combination.
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Mu-So Qb | Expert Reviews
"It’s compact, designed beautifully, and large enough to produce a bigger, more energetic sound than the competition, as well as proving more versatile than either of its Apple or Sonos-branded rivals."
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Uniti Atom | The Master Switch
" every step, we found ourselves wowed by just how good the Uniti Atom was. The sound quality was extraordinary, the design and usability were life-changing."
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The Naim Uniti Atom has been awarded the highly coveted EISA award for Best All In One System.