Focal & Naim App


Discover the world of Focal & Naim through our dedicated application. Enjoy an immersive music experience with optimised features, allowing you to explore and enjoy your favourite music with exceptional audio quality. Simplify your daily life and immerse yourself in a world where technology meets musical passion.


This application is a breakthrough in terms of sound quality and user experience, bringing together high-quality streaming services, radio stations and podcasts on a single platform, with support for high resolution up to 24 bit/96 kHz depending on your subscription.

You can manage your playlists, search for new songs or albums, find your favourite radio stations, and personalise your listening experience.


More than just a streaming application, Focal & Naim app also allows you to browse your playlists in an in-depth way using the Rovi database. Biographies, discographies, reviews and track suggestions are just some of the features available.

Control and Connect

The application allows you to control your connected NAIM products, but also to connect them automatically.

- Streaming players

- All-in-one players 

- Uniti Core Music Server.

A Seamless Experience

Imagine seamless connectivity with the exceptional sound of Focal loudspeakers and the cutting-edge technology of Naim audio systems, all controlled through a single interface, the Focal & Naim application.


Exclusivity meets innovation with our multi-room technology. Offering an unrivalled listening experience, Users can effortlessly stream their favorite tunes to every corner of their home, choosing an immersive musical experience or a different vibe for each room. Control the ambience of your Focal & Naim ecosystem with fluidity and simplicity.


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