Network Troubleshooting

The information in this document will provide a guide to troubleshooting network issues that you might be experiencing with your Naim product.

Modern networks can consist of a number of different devices trying to communicate with each other. If any part of the network does not behave as expected it can result in devices not being discovered and services not working as they should. In short, the more complex your network - the more opportunities there are for issues.

Networking issues on a Naim system tend to fall into two categories:

  • Discovery: The Naim App or product is unable to see other products or devices on the same network.
  • Connectivity: The Naim App or Product is unable to connect to local devices or services (such as streaming) to perform a given function.

The simplest network for a Naim system is to have the product directly wired into a single wireless router and the app connected wirelessly to the same router and within close proximity, with no other devices connected. If this works with your equipment, then start building the network back up by adding any additional devices or equipment slowly until the undesired behaviour begins. You should then look specifically at that change to see If that's what caused the issue.

General fixes and advise:

Power cycle: This means to power off your devices like your iPad, and switch your Naim unit off at the mains (after it is in sleep mode.) power cycle all products (including the device the Naim App is running on). Restarting units can solve many issues, as essential processes get restarted and any error may be cleared.

Check device settings: Ensure that the Naim App and products are all connected to the same network. In single router networks, this is likely to be the case, but the use of multiple access points and extenders may unintentionally create separate networks depending on the configuration.

Update software: Ensure all devices on the network, including Naim Products, are updated to the latest production version.

Check wireless signal: If products are spread across multiple rooms, temporarily move them closer to the router to see if the problem persists. If so, this means your router signal is not strong enough where your unit was. You’ll need to move it, or use a different router with a stronger Wi-Fi signal.

Use wires = If the product is connected wirelessly, temporarily connect via Ethernet (Network Cable) directly to the wireless router to see if the problem persists.

Check network configuration: Ensure that there are no restrictions on the internal network that may interfere with network communication (You may need help from your internet service provider with this.)

Use quality equipment: The router that you received from your internet service provider may work for your iPhone and Laptop, but may not be able to support more demanding uses such as high quality streaming across your home. Speak to an electronics retailer about Router options.

How does the Naim system work?

To help with the understanding of how the Naim App and products communicate with each other, a simple description of networking follows.  

When the app is opened, it attempts to discover Naim products in order to communicate with them.  

Any other device on your network that receives the communication, including other Naim Products, should then reply directly to the app to announce their presence.

The Naim App is not interested in all devices on the network, but only other Naim products and certain other devices like UPnP servers, it then interrogates each device to find out what it is and ignores those it does not know.

The products it recognises are then presented on the Rooms screen to allow you to connect to them.

I don’t see my Naim product on the Room screen:

A common issue is that a Naim unit is on the network, but the app is unable to see, or 'discover' it. Given the process above and assuming that all Products have been rebooted and are on the same network, there are two main ways that this process may fail:

  1. Discovery message (like a digital handshake – to establish compatibility) is not delivered to the Product or device. This can be resolved normally by restarting the App or Naim unit.
  2. The product or device response is not received by the app. Again, you can simply try to restart your devices or App if this is the case.

In practice, these two errors are often the same - something on the network is preventing messages from getting from one place to another.

In such situations, it is necessary to look at the devices on the network and see which may be blocking it. Try reducing the complexity of your network by creating a simple network with just the devices required and gradually adding devices back in until you come across an issue.

Connectivity issues:

A smaller set of networking issues are caused by connectivity between the Naim App or Product and another Product or service - that is, while they can discover each other, for some reason they are unable to perform the task requested.

In a Naim System the following types of activity (sometimes called traffic) can occur:

  • App or Product connecting to products
  • App or Product connecting to UPnP servers
  • App or Product connecting to Network Shares (e.g. backups)
  • App or Product connecting to Naim (e.g. firmware updates)
  • App or Product connecting to streaming services (TIDAL, Spotify)
  • Steaming service connecting to product (Airplay, Chromecast, Spotify)

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues:

If you find that the Naim App or Product is unable to perform a particular function, the following steps can be taken.

1. Can other devices connect to it? Try another smartphone or tablet – if so it’s likely an issue with your phone or tablet.

  • See if the device or service is available from other products on the network - can you use your phone to stream Spotify for example?
  • If you are trying to configure a network share for a Core but the App is not showing it, can another PC on your network see the share?
  • If you are unable to log in to TIDAL or other services on the Naim App, are you able to log in via the TIDAL or other services App?

2. Disable firewalls and test:

  • If you are attempting to connect to a service on another PC, try disabling the firewall and seeing if that resolves the issue. For example, UPnP servers running on a PC will require access on a specific port and will need configuring.
  • It may not be wise to leave the firewall disabled, so if disabling the firewall does resolve the issue, then learn what configuration is needed to enable the firewall but allow that specific traffic through. This is often referred to as 'opening a hole in the firewall' - check the firewall vendors support information for more details via their website.

3. Check for service errors with your Internet Service Provider.

  • The Naim App and Products rely on certain third-party services for some functions, e.g. TIDAL browsing or Spotify Connect. If the service they provide to us is having issues then this will prevent that function operating correctly.
  • Check the relevant service status (normally via their website) and see if there are any known issues.

4. Check connection quality (How strong is your Wi-Fi signal). Poor connection quality may result in stuttering or pausing in playback.

  • For example, if the UPnP server is in a different location connected via Wi-Fi or powerline, check that the Wi-Fi is working that end.
  • If using an external service check that the connection speed is sufficient for the service (in other words your download speed from your internet). For example, streaming at CD quality will require a minimum of around 1.5Mbps download speed. You can use websites or Apps to check the download speed of your network.
  • Check other services running on your network. If other devices are using significant amounts of bandwidth then this will have a knock-on effect on the device connection. For example, if someone is streaming a film.


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