Naim & Focal for Bentley

Three brands, One collection That Pushes The Boundaries of Innovation

The best in acoustics, electronics and luxury motoring have been combined: Focal, Naim and Bentley have developed a collection of unique products to provide an exceptional listening experience in the car, at home and while travelling. With the Focal for Bentley Radiance hi-fi headphones and the Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition wireless loudspeaker, the three luxury brands have excelled.

200 Years of Combined Expertise

Bentley, Focal and Naim: prestigious brands with almost 200 years of combined expertise. As well as a proud heritage, we share core values of engineering excellence; technical innovation and exquisite artisanship of luxury materials – all driven by a passion to create exceptional, soul-stirring experiences.

Bentley and Naim have collaborated since 2008 to develop the ultimate in-car audio system, while Focal and Naim ­have been conjoined since 2011, melding their mastery to deliver class-leading music players, amplifiers, loudspeakers and headphones. Now the exclusive quality and performance of all three brands are brought together to enhance your listening and lifestyle.

Renowned Expertise

Bentley, Focal and Naim are all renowned for their obsessive attention to development and manufacturing detail - from the moment of inception through to hand-finished final presentation. Expertise honed over decades is applied at every level, including the selection and crafting of high quality components, materials and techniques. The feel behind the wheel, curve of a cabinet, smooth turn of a volume control: every element is precision engineered and polished for your enjoyment. Thrilling from the start but built to last, our products are designed to deliver years of pleasure on the road, in your home or anywhere life takes you.

Focal for Bentley

Bentley and Focal share a noble heritage, innovative outlook and handcrafted manufacturing expertise. For over 40 years, Focal has been a class leader in speaker drivers, world-class loudspeakers, audio kits for cars, studio monitors and headphones. It is an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV: Living Heritage Company) – awarded by the French state to expert businesses with exceptional manufacturing techniques and facilities in France. Focal is designated an EPV for its unique acoustic expertise, training its teams in rare and specialised techniques, manufacturing at its production and cabinetry workshops in Saint-Etienne and Bourbon-Lancy, and many innovative patents.

Two Exclusive Special Edition Products

Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition

Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition is a unique design based on the multi-Award-winning Mu-so 2nd Generation: a wireless speaker system that offers authentic audio expertise blended with the latest music-streaming technology, exquisite build quality, delightful usability and even the ability to transform your TV sound. This edition is exclusively styled with Bentley design touches, including a lacquered wood finish, copper colour accents, subtly lit base, a specially woven speaker grille and the signature diamond pattern surrounding the illuminated control dial.

Focal for Bentley Radiance

Focal’s acoustic expertise and signature design was the clear choice for Bentley when it came to creating the unrivalled Radiance headphones. These closed-back headphones incorporate a combination of the best Focal technologies; they are created, developed and made in France to offer a natural sound that captivates you within the first few musical bars. Evoking the styling cues of Bentley car interiors, the grilles blend harmoniously with the other carefully selected components and quality materials, making Radiance a unique object - a true collector’s item to wear and carry everywhere you go.

Refined Design

Design teams from all three brands explored advanced methods and materials to extend classic Bentley styling cues to these Focal and Naim special editions, while ensuring a consistent, top-class musical experience.

The copper colour accents directly reference interior and exterior styling aspects of the stunning Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, itself inspired by the design DNA of the award-winning EXP 100 GT electric concept car. A recurring lattice pattern is inspired by Bentley’s iconic diamond-in-diamond interior quilting; also now echoed in other Bentley designs - the headlight detailing on the latest Bentley Bentayga, for example.


From the beginning, it was a natural fit for both companies: a relentless quest for the purest sound, alongside a driving experience that is second to none.


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