NAC 332

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NAC 332
NAC 332
NAC 332
NAC 332

Simple connection

The NAC 332 can map any input button to any of the 8 input sockets, such as balanced XLR, DIN and RCA, allowing simple connection to any audio source. It also features a powered DIN socket for connection with the NVC TT phono stage. The front panel has a ¼ inch headphone socket with a 1.5W state-of-the-art headphone amplifier behind. On the rear panel, twin outputs of XLR and RCA allow connection to a variety of power amplifiers.

The finest components

The innovative electronic circuits give the NAC 332 an excellent audio performance. The best components, such as through-hole resistors used in the volume control, have been selected. The architecture of the Statement volume control is carried over to the NAC 332, using reed relays to switch between the volume resistors. This ensures premium sound quality, the ability to have adjustable input sensitivity and the capability to set a maximum volume level.

Timeless and contemporary

Nothing detracts from the NAC 332’s performance. All our creations have a simple design, with outstanding sound quality at the forefront of our products. The NAC 332 combines a sleek design, premium materials, adjustable logo brightness, and engineered touch points, such as the precision raced bearing volume control, to give you an unrivalled listening experience.

Inter product communication

As easy to use as a single-box system, with bi-directional wireless inter-product communication, the NAC 332 connects seamlessly to the NSS 333 streamer. Optical control also synchronises with the New Classic power amplifiers, such as the NAP 350.

Why aluminium?

Not only did we give our creations a sleek and uniform design, but our founder, Julian Vereker, understood the many benefits of aluminium. He recognized why it was the most effective material for encasing Naim electronic components. He knew that delicate audio components are susceptible to the effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures and unwanted vibrations.

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