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Naim know-how

Special electronic circuits have been installed to ensure an unrivalled sound performance from the New Classic products range. The best high-quality components have been selected and combined with highly precise measurements to achieve an uncompromising result. Paired with the NVC TT, NPX TT provides even cleaner power to enhance the quality of sound produced.

A timeless design

The design of the NPX TT is sharp and defined, combining a sleek design, premium materials and adjustable logo brightness. Naim products are designed with exceptional sound quality in mind. Our creations are clean cut with nothing that can detract from their performance and outstanding sound quality. 

The Story of Naim and Aluminium

Our founder, Julian Vereker, identified the numerous benefits of aluminium and how this material could be used to protect and enhance Naim electronic components. He understood that audio components are delicate and very sensitive to the effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures and unwanted vibrations.

300 Series

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