Upgrade Path

Naim Audio systems have always offered their buyers a clearly defined and cost effective upgrade path whenever the owner decided that that they wanted even greater performance from their hi-fi.

We pioneered our modular approach to system building in our early days and have been refining it now for more than 40 years. It is impossible to run out of incremental improvements you can make to your system until you reach the heady heights of the ultimate Statement amplification system.

The simplest upgrade is to change, say, the CD player or preamplifier for a more sophisticated model in the range. However, all Naim Audio preamplifiers, along with several other components, can have their performance enhanced through a range of independent power supply units. Simply adding a supply, or moving up one model in the power supply hierarchy, delivers readily appreciable gains in the musical performance of those components. Similar improvements are available for Naim Audio CD players and HDX Hard Disk player. The recent introduction of our first stand-alone digital to analogue converter, the DAC, opens up the available upgrade options further for those sources with a digital output.

As well as developing our own support furniture – the Fraim system – to enable Naim Audio electronics to perform optimally, our R&D department has been constantly improving even the performance of the cables that connect the system components. This endeavour resulted in the stunning Hi-Line interconnect and Power-Line mains cable, each offering a significant performance upgrade. Both of these are unique in their mechanical design, which aims to repel any spurious vibrations that attempt to disturb the sensitive electronics by entering the case through the cable connections. As always, we optimise even the tiniest detail in order to extract the maximum performance from our systems.

As owners move up the upgrade path, adding to or replacing components in their system, the stellar performance and reliability of Naim Audio equipment guarantees that resale prices remain healthy, which helps foster and maintain a worthwhile and buoyant previously-owned market. Indeed Naim Audio products command some of the best residual values of any Hi-Fi brand, reassuring for those investing in Naim Audio for the first time as they plan their journey along the upgrade path.


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