Naim and Focal

United by our passion for perfect sound, Naim and Focal joined forces in 2011 to create a new European leader in the audio industry.

Together, Naim and Focal have created an industry leading force, bringing together the best and brightest European minds - in Focal, we found a partner that shares our passion for music and the very best quality. In the last five years, we have achieved more together than would ever have been possible alone. Vervent Audio Group own and manage both Naim and Focal as independent brands, retaining all their unique characteristics, engineering heritage, product ranges and philosophies.

The Research & Development teams of Focal and Naim are central to the success of both brands. By bringing together the hugely talented individuals in these teams, Naim and Focal created an industry leading R&D capability to propel the brands to the next level of innovative, high quality sound classics in the dynamic new world of hi-fi technology.

Focal and Naim design and tune their products to complement each other perfectly.  While there are many different ways of combining Focal loudspeakers with Naim electronics; we recommend pairing Aria with our Uniti, SI and XS ranges, Sopra with the Classic and 500 Series and the iconic Utopia with the 500 Series and our flagship Statement amplification system.

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Utopia Scala Evo Dark Walnut

Naim and Focal News

September 2019
Connection Magazine

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