CI-NAP 108

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CI-NAP 108
CI-NAP 108
CI-NAP 108
CI-NAP 108
CI-NAP 108
CI-NAP 108
CI-NAP 108

Performance and flexibility

The CI-NAP 108 is a rack-mountable audio device that offers 8 channels, allowing you to cover large listening areas without affecting Naim's world-class sound quality. The device features local inputs that enable 8 different streams to be separated, providing greater flexibility.

Combined with the CI-Uniti 102 streamer and the CI-NAP 101 mono and 70V/100V line amplifier, this complete system represents the pinnacle of Naim electronics. It is designed for integrated audio systems, whether it be for home, retail outlets or boats. Additionally, it complements audio-video processors by combining superior sound quality and power.

Key Features

- 10 RCA inputs, including 8 local inputs and 2 L/R bus inputs.

- 10 RCA outputs for series connection with other amplifiers, such as the CI-101.

- A silent, efficient and compact integrated power amplifier.

- Two Euroblock outputs per channel for easy parallel connections between loudspeakers.

- Independent level control.

- Input signal detection with automatic power-down after 20 minutes.

- Universal 100V to 240V mains power supply.

Focal & Naim App

The Focal & Naim app serves as an all-in-one remote control for your home hi-fi system, providing you with millions of tracks that you can access effortlessly, along with access to product settings and features. You can enjoy instant playback through your connected Naim devices, regardless of the room they are in.

The application is available from Apple Store and Google Play Store.


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