• Fraim platforms available in Natural Ash, Cherry (tinted and non-tinted) and Black finishes

• Extruded, anodised aluminium Fraim legs available in three heights, and in silver or black finishes

• Modular design allows for system expansion over time

• Fully decoupled structure with inter-level cup-and-cone interfaces and toughened glass sub-shelf supported on ball bearings

• Double-layer base level plus stainless-steel floor spikes for maximum isolation

• Optimised shelf spacing to reduce magnetic interaction between components

The stage your music deserves

Materiality & Craft

The creation of the Fraim was a significant milestone in the audio industry as it was the first time that a high-end audio manufacturer had utilised their full engineering resources for designing an equipment stand. By adhering to the Naim Audio philosophy of prioritizing the fundamentals of music, such as pitch, timing, and dynamics, the Fraim enhances the listening experience by bringing more detail, pace, and focus to music.

The Fraim principle minimizes mechanical energy transmission through minimal contact interfaces, reducing micro-vibrations and magnetic field interactions between electronic products. This allows internal isolation systems to perform optimally, ensuring stable energy transmission during operation.

Selecting the right materials for Fraim is just as important as how its components are arranged. We've carefully chosen super hard stainless steel, toughened glass that has undergone rigorous listening tests, large section anodised aluminium extrusion, and veneered wood composites to create equipment support that performs flawlessly and perfectly complements the Naim Audio aesthetic.


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