NAC 552

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NAC 552
NAC 552
NAC 552
NAC 552
NAC 552
NAC 552


- The two-box configuration is optimal for rejecting electromagnetic interference.

- The split-rail power supply features an 800VA toroidal transformer, three smoothing capacitors, and a new Discrete Regulator (DR).

- The fully suspended sub-chassis provides superior isolation of sensitive circuit boards.

- The AV bypass mode simplifies connection to an existing AV system.

- Both DIN and RCA inputs are supported to facilitate connection to a wider range of systems.

- Independent listen and record banks provide maximum flexibility.

- Assignable inputs enhance usability with a range of sources.

Technology & Craft

Every component in our flagship 500 Series range, including the NAC 552, has been developed using the latest technology and the finest materials available. We've gone to great lengths to ensure that the two-box design is a true reflection of Naim Audio's classic style, with the power supply components housed in a separate enclosure to achieve minimal electromagnetic interference. 

The NAC 552 has sensitive electronics mounted on a brass sub-chassis and fully suspended on coil springs to minimize the impact of vibration. Precision rotary potentiometers maintain musical integrity and ensure long-term stability. The device has six inputs that can be selected from the front panel or remote control, including two RCA phono-type connectors for alternative components.

Performance without limits


To get the most out of the NAC 552 and enjoy exceptional listening, pair it with Stella Utopia Evo speakers.

Stella Utopia Evo

3-way floor-standing speaker


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