NAP 250

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NAP 250
NAP 250
NAP 250
NAP 250

Elegant Engineering

Naim's highly skilled engineers have created circuits that are both simple and elegant, perfectly complemented by our renowned DR technology. This combination guarantees a stable and smooth power supply, leading to exceptional performance. Our team uses only the best-quality components, including Statements NA009 power transistors, and employs ultra-precise measurements to guarantee an uncompromising result. 

At Naim, we believe that our products should be both contemporary and timeless. We always avoid adding unnecessary decoration that does not contribute to performance or sound quality. Our iconic NAP 250 power amplifier is designed with both functionality and precision in mind, making it easy and enjoyable to use. Its sleek design and innovative materials make it a true masterpiece of audio engineering.


Naim's founder, Julian Vereker, understood the benefits of using thick plates of aluminium to wrap electronic components. This decision helped to minimise the negative effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures, and vibrations on Naim's audio products.

Perfect Pairing

For the optimal performance of your loudspeakers and music, the ideal combination is the NAP 250 and NSC 222 preamplifier and streamer. The NAP 250 can be easily connected to any of the New Classic products, as well as the previous Classic lines via new specific cabling. With 100 watts of A/B class power per channel, the NAP 250 can be fully adjusted to bring out the best in your music and deliver a remarkable audio experience.

The cutting-edge design of the NAP 250 keeps it cool even at high sound levels with its responsive heat sink. It also has symmetrical XLR connections, eddy current separator, and Naim Audio DR technology for stable, fluid power supply and exceptional performance.

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