NAP 350

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NAP 350
NAP 350
NAP 350
NAP 350

Precision and speed

The NAP 350 delivers high power with precision and speed. Our engineers have developed specific electronic circuits to give the New Classic products superior performance. The NAP 350 has a new high-current output stage that uses matched pairs of Statement NA009 custom power transistors. Combined with our acclaimed DR technology, it guarantees a stable and low-noise power supply.

A timeless design

The NAP 350 combines a sleek design and premium materials such as highly thermally conductive aluminium alloy heatsinks. At Naim, we pride ourselves in the clear-cut design of our products; we avoid any unnecessary embellishment that would detract from the performance and sound quality of our products. 

Perfect integration

NAP 350 combines perfectly with the NSS 333 streamer and the NAC 332 preamplifier, creating a complete system. The NAP 350 is a pure class-AB linear amplifier, running from fully regulated DR power supplies, producing 175W into 8 ohms and 345W into 4 ohms. It can deliver a peak power of up to 1.7kW to drive impedance dips of complex speaker crossover networks. The input is via a balanced XLR socket, facilitating industry-wide compatibility.

Aluminium casing

Our founder, Julian Vereker, immediately understood the many benefits of aluminium for wrapping Naim electronic components. He knew that delicate audio components are very sensitive to the effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures, and unwanted vibrations.

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