Super Lumina Interconnects

Super Lumina Interconnects


Super Lumina interconnects are specifically designed to reduce external and internal interference and maintain maximum signal fidelity. The cable is composed of several copper conductors of varying diameters, each individually insulated and silver-plated. These conductors are then enclosed in a tin-plated copper shield and covered with a soft outer jacket that helps minimize interference. Additionally, each signal, return, ground and shield conductor is specifically manufactured for its unique function.

The Naim Audio Air-PLUG

The Super Lumina interconnects by Naim Audio have an advanced Air-PLUG technology that minimizes microphonic interference and maintains audio signal integrity. The new Air-PLUG has multiple aluminum rings screwed together to prevent unwanted energy from passing through. The DIN connector pins float within their sockets, extending the decoupling effect to the signal's entry point.

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