• Patented Air-PLUG decoupling mechanism prevents vibration transmission through the cable

• Twisted-pair cable construction consisting of 80 litz conductors surrounded by individual spiral shielding layers of PTFE and Kapton

• RCA or DIN terminations available, plus DIN-to-RCA if needed

Maximum musicality

Technology & Craft

The Hi-Line Air-PLUG is a patented device that serves as a decoupling tool. Its primary function is to minimise microphonic interference while preserving the quality of the audio signal. The Air-PLUG comes with various rear sections that can be clipped together to form a lossy flexible section. The cable is then clamped compliantly to the end of this flexible section.

The cable was designed with great attention to detail to preserve the audio signal integrity and improve sound quality. It is made up of twisted pairs of 80 Litz conductors surrounded by PTFE, Kapton, and PTFE tape. It is then enclosed within a semi-conductive shield to reduce static charges. Two spiral-wound copper shields and lapped PTFE tape further wrap this assembly. Two of these assemblies are placed side by side and wrapped with layers of PTFE tape, finally covered with a rubber outer layer. This two-channel cable maintains the signal and RF grounds in a static position relative to each other, eliminating any difference in field between them.

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