Suggested System

  • Utopia III
  • NDS
  • 555 PS DR

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Mu-so Qb | M2, Jul 2016
"The Qb and the Statement may be on opposite ends of the household budget, however both deliver sound that punches well above their weight"
Hi-Fi+ l Statement , Dec 2015
This is amplifier construction on a grand scale, leaving nothing to chance.
Hi-Fi Critic | Statement, Oct 2015
"An unmistakeable tour de force at the present state of the art, the Statement pre-/power amplifier combination simply and effectively delivers what most others have only promised."
Statement - Hi-Fi Critic , Jul 2015
"The sheer musicality enthralled for hours on end. Such an exalted performance is found all too infrequently, but evaluating this amplifier has been a joy."
Hi-Fi+ | Statement | Top 100

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